Damp Survey, Damp And Timber Report

Damp Proofing London South Damp Surveys, Damp And Timber Reports

Damp Survey

Damp And Timber Report, Survey

Damp Proofing London South specialists and surveyors are happy to arrange a damp proofing survey and produce a damp and timber report to all our clients.

With any building problem it is imperative to correctly identify the nature of the defect before deciding the best remedy. We deal with all damp problems arising from dampness in ageing houses. Also we deal with woodworm and wood rot.

Damp And Timber Report

A damp and timber report is prepared with a quotation itemising all damp or timber problems including recommendations and costs for any specialist treatments. This will also list any work required to be carried out by other parties or preparations that may be necessary before we can start. If we find the cause of the damp problem is structural we will advise you of the correct course of action.

Damp Survey

This is a basic damp survey / inspection carried out at a mutually agreed time. Our damp and timber report will be produced for you within a maximum of 7 day. Clients can call or e-mail us to discuss the damp survey / inspection once they have received their damp and timber report.

The prospective purchase and insurance claim damp survey costs from £200.00 plus VAT and is payable on the date of the survey.

Damp Proofing London South Target Response Times For Damp And Timber Report, Survey

We aim to get to you ASAP !!!!

Extent Of Damp Survey / Inspection

Damp Problems

Damp Proofing London South will inspect all walls at ground floor level for rising damp using a Protimeter Survey Master (see photo). Internal checks of external walls for penetrating damp will be carried out. The property will be visually inspected for signs of condensation. External observations will be made and any building, guttering, external render problems will be listed where appropriate in the damp and timber report. Any visual evidence of timber decay will be reported on.

Timber Problems

All accessible timbers will be inspected for woodboring insect attacks. Roof timbers will be inspected if safe access is available. Floor timbers will be inspected where accessible. Staircase timber will be inspected. Any visual evidence of timber decay will be reported on. Accessible surfaces of internal joinery will be visually inspected. Internal and external observations will be taken and comments on general building defects likely to affect internal timbers will be included where appropriate in the damp and timber report.

For damp and timber survey, report or quotation call Damp Proofing London South on 020 7498 2837 or 07912 306337.