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Damp Proofing London South Ltd - highly rated specialists in preventing dampness associated problems in your property. We have extensive experience in basement waterproofing, condensation control and timber preservation industry. This damp proofing company is based in Wimbledon but operates throughout all of London. Our damp proofing experts provide a professional and cost effective services: dry rot control, woodworm eradication, rising damp treatment etc.

Our damp and timber specialists are qualified to supply top quality workmanship at reasonable cost . We are the premier damp proofing company in London for all of the following:

Damp proofing specialists in London South West / East, etc

Damp Proofing London South are Triton approved and Westminster Guarantee Protection (Trustees) registered contractors . We are truly unparalleled in all aspects of professional condensation control, woodworm eradication, basement waterproofing, and with fully qualified and experienced workforce undertaking all works, there truly is no better damp proofing company to call.

Our damp proofing services are fast, efficient and reliable, so when you choose to use Damp Proofing London South, you'll know that the service you receive will be the best.

The company provides the high standard of workmanship and knows all remedial treatments will be carried out correctly and to the appropriate British Standard. No other firm is offering this level of personalised service in the UK. The business is committed to changing the standards of damp proofing and timber works with this progressive policy.

Woodworm treatment in London South East, damp proofing in London South West and other areas of London

Our damp proofing specialists will give you a fair and honest assessment of dampness problems in your property and a quote to match. Trade experts will inform you if these damp issues are caused by structural defects or actual rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, wet/dry rot and will advise you of the best course of action whether it be damp proofing treatment, woodworm eradication or structural repair.

Damp Proofing London South have a long list of satisfied clients throughout London and surrounding areas. We have completed plenty of small and big projects. The larger ones include Clapham Manor Primary School ( damp proofing in Clapham, Lambeth ), St Vincent de Paul Church ( damp proof course injection in Clapham, Battersea ), The Commodore Hotel ( below ground waterproofing in Lancaster Gate, Westminster ), St John's School ( timber treatment in Epsom, Surrey ), Chestnut Grove School ( basement tanking in Balham, Wandsworth ), Majestic Wine ( rising damp treatment in Greenwich ), Woodman Works Industrial Estate ( damp proofing in Wimbledon ), Santander Bank ( chemical damp proof course installation in Weybridge, Sutton ). Our woodworm treatment, condensation solutions, dry rot control, basement tanking, damp proofing specialists in London cover such areas as South London (South West London, South East London), East London, West London, Central London, etc.

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